How to deal with damaged downloads in OSX

How to deal with damaged downloads in OSX

Some users are experiencing an error, where a file is downloaded via Chrome, but attempts to open it fail, and OSX declares the file as "damaged".

The issue is a OSX bug, where sometimes files written to a network share have a quarantine attribute applied to them.

There is a work-around for the issue:
On the iMacs, I've created an application called "Fix Damaged Downloads", you'll find it under Applications, once you open it, it will present you a file dialog, starting in your Downloads directory, of files to remove the attribute from. It also removes the quarantine database file for your user, and disables quarantining for your user-- it requires you to reboot the iMac afterward to take effect, as the database and quarantine settings are also cached in memory.

Firefox and Safari do not appear to be effected by the bug at this time.

If you're Unix/Linux savvy, you can use the following command line in Terminal to remove the attribute (replace [File Name] with the name of the file effected):

xattr -dr [File Name]