Senior Year Winter Term (1 credit)

Major Events and Deliverables Deadline
Implementation complete Week 6
Debugging and testing Week 6-9
Poster presentation Week 9
Final oral presentation and project demonstration Week 9
Final project report Week 10
Upload final poster and complete website Week 10


ECE499 Grading Rubric

This document contains one possible allocation of weights for the grading of ECE498. Each faculty member may deviate from this grading somewhat; you should check with your advisor on his/her grading of your work.

Implementation and Testing

Ideally, the project should be completely assembled and ready for testing in week 5/6. This leaves a couple of weeks for testing and some changes if required. The deadlines here will vary with the nature of the project and your advisor will assist you in setting these deadlines.

Final Oral Presentation

The purpose of the project presentation is to articulate the goals, design, and results of your project. You will be given 15 minutes for this presentation, unless you are in a team, in which case you will receive more time. Check the schedule for your allotted time. Time your presentation so that you allow about 2 minutes for questions. Your presentation should address the following points:

  • Identify the motivation and goals of the project. Include a clear description of the behavior and identify constraints and performance criteria.
  • Present your design in as much detail as the time constraint allows.
  • Present the results of testing your design against the project goals and performance criteria.
  • Please review the lesson on oral presentation skills and PRACTICE your talk.

Project Demonstration

Demonstrations will take place in the EE lab area. Be sure to arrange a place for your demonstration in advance, and make sure that all the equipment and software needed is set up in advance.

Project Posters

A poster will be posted by your project for the demonstration to aid people who come by to look at your work. You can see examples of posters from previous years in the hallways throughout Steinmetz Hall. There are also some examples online in the past projects section.

Tips on how to make your poster readable are available at this link:

Full details on how to print it are on the senior poster website:

Final Project Report

This document will be a continuation of the work that you have done in ECE498 as you will have already completed many of the sections. The document, Final Report Format, gives a detailed explanation of the structure of your final report. Most sections are appropriate for all capstone design reports, but you may discuss the addition, deletion or modification of these sections with your project supervisor.