Senior Year Fall Term (.5 credits)

Major Events and Deliverables Deadline
Project design requirements report (Final Paper) ~Week 10
Design proposal presentation ~Week 7/8
SRG Grant Request Due Check UR Website
Project Website Started Week 10


ECE498 Grading Rubric

This document contains one possible allocation of weights for the grading of ECE498. Each faculty member may deviate from this grading somewhat; you should check with your advisor on his/her grading of your work.

Project Design Requirements (Final Paper)

This will build on the initial work done in the Spring term of your junior year. The final result will be a paper which will complete many of the sections of the final report which you will submit for senior project. At this stage, you will not be able to document your final design completely but will have a proposed design and have filled in the background and design alternatives that you considered. The paper which you will submit to your adviser will have the format detailed here: ECE498 Design Paper. Some example reports from ECE499 (which have all sections completed) are available at Sample Final Reports.

Design Proposal Presentation

The purpose of the project proposal is to articulate the goals and design of your project. You will be given 10 minutes for this presentation. Your proposal should address the following points:

  • Identify the goals of the project. Include a clear description of the behavior and identify constraints and performance criteria.
  • Present your approach for reaching the project goals. This should include as much detail as possible. Include justifications for your design choices.
  • Present a plan for testing your design against the project goals and performance criteria.

Please review the lesson on oral presentation skills and PRACTICE your talk.

IEF Grant Proposal (Category B)

Funding is available for student projects through the IEF program. Be sure to first read the FAQs before filling out the form. The details of the program are available at this link:

Project Website

The purpose of the web page is to publish your project as completely as possible. Since this is a public web page, it is important to provide accurate and complete information. The goal by the end of the term is to have the page available for updates throughout the winter term. More information on the expectations are on the project website link.